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A New Beginning for Custom Food Grade Plastic Bags

With the New Year beginning, we are seeing our focus shift from questioning what happened in the past to worrying about the future. A New Year means starting again, with new food products and mature ones too. There are going to be some great changes in the way the food industry sees packaging, and now is the time to become a catalyst for change.

Food Industry Predicts Big Growth in 2014

According to industry experts, it is forecasted that the food industry is going to be experiencing big growth this year. So not only should restaurant owners take note, but any producer of food products should stay up to date on the tends as well. Consumers’ decisions on what food to buy is much different than in past years. For example, more people are becoming more aware of what makes up the food they eat and where it comes from. What are the nutritional benefits of this product versus a competitor’s? Where was this item grown and what, if any, type of chemicals or pesticides were used? Consumers appreciate transparency through packaging; making them aware of how their food was made, where it comes from, and its nutritional benefits is vitally important. The use of clear descriptions on custom plastic bags can ease the minds of thoughtful consumers.

Have you considered the opportunity of a new market for a mature food product? With buying power shifting through generations and demographic groups, you have to consider how your packaging speaks to various segments of your market. For example, the Millennial generation has become a major target for the food industry because of their spending power. However, in order to reach them, consider making your food packaging another interface of communication. Invite them to visit your website or start a conversation on social media. Make a custom plastic bag your gateway to a stronger connection with your customers.

Rainbow Polybag produces a number of high quality custom food grade plastic bags, printed for your design and brand needs.Call us today and we can get you started on your way to a great 2014.