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Keep Your Cash Safe with Security Bags

A routine trip to the bank can quickly turn into disaster. Ask the wrong person to make the deposits for your business and you may find that all of the money never quite makes it to your company account. Deposits and accounts may be mixed up, causing inconsistencies. Not to mention unintentional loss and third party left. With such a large margin for error, minimize your risk with security bags.

Custom Plastic Bags for Security and Consistency

Security bags minimize the risk of theft in a number of ways. First, tamper evident adhesive closure may be used to make it clear that the security bags have been breached. This feature makes even the smallest thefts apparent before you sit down to reconcile your accounts. Bar coded security bags add another layer of protection, providing accurate tracking of each transaction with tear off receipts on every bag. This tool allows you to efficiently and effectively keep a record of every trip to the bank

Custom plastic bags reduce inconsistencies even further. Create custom designs for the security bags used for each separate account. This strategy will greatly reduce the chances that a sum will be deposited in the wrong account, saving you a huge headache down the road. Need to record specific information on your security bags? Tell your plastic bag manufacturer. They will be sure to work a place to record this data into the design for your custom plastic bags.

So what are you waiting for? Stop transporting your cash in zip-lock bags and paper envelopes! Contact your plastic bag manufacturer today to discuss creating custom security bags for your business.