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Customers happy with custom polybag

Custom Polybags Can Increase Customer Satisfaction by Value Add. Here’s How.

Smart companies are always looking for ways to strengthen the relationship they have with their existing customers. The cost of customer acquisition is high, whereas selling more to customers who already know and value your business is more profitable. For this reason, business leaders are continually looking for ways to offer their customers more.

Custom polybags can play a role in enhancing your offerings. While most people are familiar with the use of polybags as shipping mailers and shopping bags, that’s not the only things they can be used for. We have seen manufacturers and retailers use polybags as a value add in three interesting ways:

Bonus Storage Bag The apparel industry is season-sensitive. People make their clothing choices based upon their local weather conditions; they may have summer wardrobes, winter wardrobes, monsoon season wardrobes and more. Clothing and footwear retailers can help their customer extend the life of their purchase by offering branded custom polybags for off-season storage. Polybags are both lightweight and durable, offering a high level of protection against moisture, sunlight and insects – three of the biggest threats to clothing’s condition.

Giftwrap  The DIY movement has steadily been gaining momentum, particularly among Millennials who have their own take on cooking and crafting. Retailers serving those marketplaces often sell kits containing all the necessary components to create an item or recipe.  Custom polybags can be printed with festive, eye catching graphics, serving as ideal wrapping for the proud presentation of the newly-created item. Polybags come in a wide rainbow of colors, giving designers a full palette of options for Happy Birthday, I Love You, Merry Christmas and other gift wrapping options.

Clean Up Kits Some activities, including beauty treatments like dying your hair or home improvements like swapping out a ceiling fan, are messy undertakings. Branded custom polybags can serve as part of a complimentary clean up kit retailers can include with their customers’ supply purchases. Because polybags can come with exceptionally strong adhesive closures, they’re a great choice for containing items like messy hair dye bottles. Because polybags are strong and tough, they can successfully contain awkwardly shaped debris, making it easier for customers to clean up after their projects.