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Custom Plastic Bags Lead to New Product Success

A lot of work goes into developing a new product: research, design, testing. It can take years to finally perfect it and get it to market. Given the time, energy and resources that go into creating a new product, maximizing the potential for a successful launch is a must. The first step to success: custom plastic bags!

In-Store Giveaways

Getting customers to try new products can be difficult, especially if they already have a preferred brand or have never used this type of product before. Providing free samples increases the likelihood that they will try your product and hopefully buy more if they like it. In-store giveaways are great ways to provide free samples as your customers are already in the location in which they could purchase the product if they like the sample. Promotional custom plastic bags support your in-store giveaway efforts by giving your customers something in which to carry their samples and serving as a reminder about the new product even after the sample has been used. Ask your plastic bag manufacturer for die cut plastic bags or patch handle bags to make them easy for your customers to carry.

Direct Mail Samples

Sending samples directly to your customers is another option to increase awareness and trial of your new products. This tactic is especially useful for customers who already use your other products, as you know that they will be familiar with your brand and be interested in similar products. Poly mailers with your branding are an excellent way to protect these samples in the mail and ensure that your branding is front row and center, enticing customers to open the sample. Ask your plastic bag manufacturer to print your branding and the details about the new product directly on your poly mailers.

The Best of Both Worlds

Detachable coupon bags offer the best of both worlds, working well for both in-store giveaways and direct mail samples. These custom plastic bags have an added benefit as well: they include a coupon along with a product sample. This gives the customer incentive to not only try the product once, but also to make an initial purchase. Plastic bag manufacturer Rainbow Polybag has created the detachable coupon bag to help companies jump-start their product launches and increase their chances of success!