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Custom Plastic Bags for Food Products

Food product manufacturers know that the top priority for their packaging is freshness. Yes, aesthetics are important, but even the most visually appealing bags are a waste if they don’t lock in flavor and prevent spoilage. As experienced plastic bag manufacturers, we know what materials will keep your food products at peak freshness for extended shelf life.

Though it’s important to maximize the shelf life of all food products, there are two categories in which freshness is singularly important: Bakery and Frozen Goods. Let’s take a look at how custom plastic bags keep these products tasting as good weeks after being packaged as they did right off the line.

Freshly Baked Taste

The right custom plastic bags will ensure that your bakery products retain that fresh out of the oven taste until your customers are ready to eat them. Choosing the superior materials for your custom plastic bags or printed roll stock makes all the difference when it comes to sealing in the flavor of your delectable bakery products and preventing spoilage. The wrong gauge or film may allow external scents or flavors to alter the taste of your products. An experienced plastic bag manufacturer like Rainbow Polybag will point you in the right direction.

The Deep Freeze

There are two major concerns with frozen food products: freezer burn and flavor retention. The right material and design of custom plastic bags address both concerns. Thicker gauged materials increase protection against freezer burn. Ask your plastic bag manufacturer what gauge will be appropriate for your products. Custom plastic bags with zip closures deliver your customers a great deal of value, as they lock in the flavor of your products, preventing them from becoming tainted by other items in the freezer. Work with your plastic bag manufacturer to create the optimum custom plastic bags for your food products.

Are you finding that your food products are retaining their freshness the way you’d like them to? Contact us for a consultation. We’ll discuss your options for custom plastic bags and help you extend your food products’ shelf lives!