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Authenticity in Custom Plastic Bags

According to Packaging Digest, authenticity and credibility are huge trends in packaging. Consumers are more interested now than ever to learn about the products they purchase, where they come from and the companies that make them. Your custom plastic bags offer the perfect opportunity for you to ensure that they have this information right at their fingertips, and right at the time that they are making their purchase decision. Let’s explore why it’s important to provide this type of information and how your plastic bag manufacturer can incorporate it into your custom plastic bags.

Information at Their Finger Tips

For some products, like homes, cars, computers and cellphones, the consumer research process is a lengthy one. They spend days, weeks, months or even years gathering product specifications, consumer reviews, pricing information and so on. These consumers often know everything there is to know and have made their purchase decision before they even step foot in the store.

On the other hand, most products that you’re packaging in custom plastic bags are commodity items. Things like sponges and other household items, undergarments, and even some types of food products are rather homogenous. Though they may compare prices in the weekend circulars or online or remember messaging from your ads, most consumers are not spending time and energy researching different brands for each of these purchases before they get to the store. They are, however, picking your product and your competitor’s product off the shelf and comparing them then and there. Thus if there’s anything you want them to know, anything that sets you apart, you must include it right on your custom plastic bags.

Plastic Bag Manufacturers Make it Happen

While your plastic bag manufacturer can help you supply this information right on your custom plastic bags, they need your help! Do you use organic materials or ingredients? Share this with them! Does your company take extra measures to be ecologically responsible? Ask them to add a short paragraph detailing your processes. Do you work hard to create jobs in your local community and avoid offshoring at all costs? Make sure your plastic bag manufacturer (and your customers) knows! In short, when you first sit down with your plastic bag manufacturer be sure to give them all of the information you would provide in an elevator pitch: short and sweet, but including all of the top points that set you apart!