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Apparel Bags: Showcase Your Clothing in Custom Plastic Bags

You know what they say, the clothes make the man. But how does the man choose his clothes? Packaging certainly has a lot to do with it! Many clothing manufacturers write off the humble apparel bag but these custom plastic bags can make the difference between your products flying off the shelves and collecting dust in the back room. Let’s take a look at how these custom plastic bags help showcase your apparel products.

Protect and Present Your Products

Elements of custom plastic bags can enhance how customers interact with and preview your products before they make a purchase. Peek-through clear panels allow you to draw attention to specific product features, such as color, embellishments, closures and more. Open areas let your customers you’re your products, a great feature if you want to highlight the texture or softness of your products. Recloseable seals, take this one step further, allowing customers to try your product on and ensure that they’ve selected the correct size and fit.

Bold, Eye Catching Graphics

Apparel Bags don’t have to be boring! Full color process printing allows your plastic bag manufacturer to not only showcase your branding in all its glory, it also makes eye catching graphics that will appeal to your target audience. For instance, if you’re selling children’s clothing, cartoon characters may be added to the custom plastic bags, while bright, neon graphics can be included to catch the eyes of teens. Work with your plastic bag manufacturer to choose the perfect imagery for the custom plastic bags for your apparel.

Matching Form with Function

Exciting graphics don’t have much use unless your custom plastic bags are prominently displayed for your customers to see. Wickets and grommets allow your products to be hung at eye level. The extra protection ensures that the plastic does not rip, meaning that your custom plastic bags will not fall on the floor to collect dust. Ask your plastic bag manufacturer which option is best for your apparel bags.