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Trade show bags

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Trade Show Bag

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Trade show bags are possibly the most important piece of sales collateral you bring to your annual meeting, industry convention, or other event. Unlike brochures and catalogs which all too often get discarded unread, trade show bags are eagerly accepted and used throughout the course of the show.

A well-designed, visually compelling trade show bag is a brand-boosting advertisement that will be on display throughout the course of the event, raising your company’s visibility in the midst of crowds of people who are likely buyers of your products and services. Dollar for dollar, you’ll get more bang from your buck from your trade show bag than any other aspect of your event marketing.

Rainbow Poly bag custom prints trade show bags in an entire rainbow of colors and finishes, from classic black and white to today’s trendiest eye-popping shades.  Put your logo, tag line and messaging where everyone can see it.

Our trade show bags are strong and durable. They’ll hold pounds of swag and still look great. In fact, poly bags from Rainbow Poly bag are so well made that many tradeshow attendees keep them long after the event to use again. Talk about increasing the reach of your marketing message!

You can have the best looking tradeshow bags. Stand out at your next convention, industry event or show. We make it simple and stress free – and best of all, all Rainbow Poly bags are planet friendly and made right here in the USA. Use the form below to get started.